Álvarez Arquitectos | Architecture Studio


The development of our projects is comprehensive.

Since the architectural design until gardening and furniture design, if the client wants so,
that is why we accomplish every specific necessity when they rely their work on us,
arrying it out in a precise time, no matter how big or small it is.


We focus in making easier your project since early stages

We are aware of the importance of your investment and we want to help you to get benefit from your budget, taking design and good taste whether big or small projects.


“When we design, we take into consideration the harmonious relationship in every project context.
The impact to the environment and for the same reason our designs respect the surroundings conditions, the environment itself and we put an emphasis on our tropical weather, materials, culture and the people directed to live in our models, all of that is always present”.

Architect | José Manuel Alvarez


Graduated architect from Universidad Central de Costa Rica in 2005, graduated from Universidad de Costa Rica in construction in 2000, winner of the 2004 design contest for the National Symphony Orchestra Auditorium, he has participated in different Architectural exhibitions, he was teaching as a professor in the Colegio Cientifico de San Ramón, he also was part of important firm in Costa Rica, he has collaborated with some architecture firms around the world, right now he is getting a master degree in sustainable development, he has done some experimentation and projects within sustainable development, he is the Alvarez Architect founder in San Ramón and Santa Teresa, Cobano.
His especiality is currently costal hotels and habitable development.



Graduated in bussinness management from Universidad de Costa Rica,. She graduated with honors in 2003. She carried out studies in environmental management and auditing.

She has developed her major in Private area since 2002 as a manager project in financial and analysis fields. Alvarez Arquitectos co-founder in 2005, she has been in charge of the administrative and consultancy fields for budget, process and general implementation in projects.