Architecture Services

Álvarez Arquitectos, a firm dedicated to design


Our team offers a seamless and extensive design process that will make any project easier for our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that the architectural design and construction programming is conducted efficiently throughout the project and to its final completion.

We are experienced in any project – no matter where it takes place, we will be able to successfully plan out the logistics and technicalities that are required of each individual project plan.

Our company offers services to satisfy the needs of every client. We have currently expanded our services to include working with specialized collaborators and companies to ensure that we can provide an extensive and comprehensive design according to its necessities.


Services we provide

  • Architectural design
  • Location design
  • Inspections
  • Process (Paper work)

With our collaborators

  • Landscaping
  • SETENA Process
  • Civil engineering Electromechanical
  • Construction