Architecture Services

Álvarez Arquitectos, a firm dedicated to design


The executive part of projects is hard and many times the client is not able to follow the constructions in order to make easier the process and make sure to get into a successful and a high quality ending we offer the architectural design options and the construction programming.

We have the experience because according to wherever the project takes place that’s how the logistic and technical difficulties are going to be.

Our company offers services to satisfy needs of high quality architectural space, for the same reason we have expanded our services with the help of specialized collaborators in every area with a view to create a comprehensive design according to its necessities.


Services we provide

  • Architectural design
  • Location design
  • Inspections
  • Process (Paper work)

With our collaborators

  • Landscaping
  • SETENA Process
  • Civil engineering Electromechanical
  • Construction